Initiation Solicitation

If your Chapter is planning to invite new members to apply you can:

  1. Ask applicants to apply to National Council through the Membership Application on the National Website. They will be approved by National Council and prompted to pay through the National Website. A summary of your applicants will be sent to you at the end of the solicitation period that you designate. The chapter need not submit a Summary of Initiates form.

  2. Ask applicants to apply to the Chapter. Applicants will be approved by your Chapter officers, who will then need to complete the Membership Application form on the National Website for each new member. New members will only be prompted to pay through the National Website if you indicate that the chapter is not collecting fees and dues. A summary of your new members will be sent to you and the chapter need not submit a Summary of Initiates form. 

In either case, please complete this form to communicate your Chapter's preferences.

Chapter Contact Information


New Member Applications

*Approximately how many potential members do you expect will apply?


*Would you like National Council to approve new members, or would the Chapter like to approve new members?

(If the Chapter will approve new members, the Chapter Officers will need to complete a Membership Application form for each new member on the National Website. This action is in lieu of the Summary of Initiates.)

*Will new members be paying National Council directly through the National website, or will the Chapter be collecting initiation fees and dues?

(If the Chapter will be collecting initiation fees and dues, the Chapter will need to pay the National Treasurer.)

*Select an end date for your membership solicitation. We recommend ~ 3 weeks prior to initiation if you plan to have initiation packets in hand for the ceremony.

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Select the date of your initiation ceremony (if applicable).

*Would you like National Council to send all initiation packets to you to distribute at the initiation ceremony?

If YES, please provide an address to which we can send all initiation packets. (If NO, the Coordinator of Initiates and Supplies will send a packet to each initiate individually.)


Any other questions or concerns?

Upon successful submission of this form you will be redirected to the Home page. National Council will then reach out to you to confirm the details of your Initiation Solicitation.

If you have any trouble with this form please contact the National Council Web Administrator at