The National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry

Attendees at the 32nd Triennial Convention, hosted by Plutonium Chapter

Indianapolis, IN, July 2017

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IOTA SIGMA PI is a national honor society for women in chemistry. Its major objectives are:

  • to promote interest in chemistry among women students

  • to foster mutual advancement in academic, business, and social life

  • to stimulate personal accomplishment in chemical fields

IOTA SIGMA PI was founded in 1902 and was organized on a nation-wide basis in 1916.

  • Over 11,000 members have been initiated into this organization.

  • Forty-six local chapters have been established in various colleges, universities, and metropolitan areas.

IOTA SIGMA PI serves to promote the advancement of women in chemistry by granting recognition to women who have demonstrated superior scholastic achievement and high professional competence by election into IOTA SIGMA PI.



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Dr. Frances Arnold

2020 Invited National Honorary Member California Institute of Technology